Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

How to Select The Best Interaction Route to Express Your Message

The first aspect is the components of the concept. You need to know what the components of the concept are. Is it a individual message? Is it a informing a great details or a bad news? If the concept is very individual, then you need to select one-to-one communication channel such as contact or individual discussion. If you're offerring a bad details, it's also better to do it individually instead of convey it via Courier MSN or e-mail.

The second aspect is the rate of reviews. How quick do you want others to response you? How quick you want to understand about some essential info from others? If rate is essential, then perhaps you should use contact, or telegram. If you need no immediate reviews, then perhaps you can use other e-mail or speech concept.

The third aspect is the requirement to keep a lasting history. If long lasting history is essential, usually for company objective, then you should convey your concept via memo, characters, reviews or offer. E-mail is another way to keep a history but it's not regarded as official as memo and characters. Keep in mind, e-mails allows to keep history for what you have said, so do not sent an e-mail without double-check.

The 4th aspect is the price. You need to consider the price and advantage of using a particular communication channel. The price should be determined in both financial value and time. If team agreement is essential to determine then perhaps you should use interactive movie for team conference instead of attaining them via phone telephone calls.. If the variety of viewers is huge and geographically spread, you can also decide to use e-mail or fax to reduced the communication price.

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