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Stephanie St Clair - The King of the Harlem Figures Rackets

Stephanie St. Clair was created in 1886, in Marseilles, an isle in the Eastern Carribbean. At the age of 26 she immigrated to New You are able to Town and resolved in Harlem. Almost instantly, she installed with the 40 Criminals, a white-colored group who were existing since the 1850's. There is no history of what St. Clair did for the next ten decades, but it's secure to say, considering her relationships to the 40 Criminals, a well known shake-down group, what she did was anything but lawful.

In 1922, St. Clair used $10,000 of her own cash and began Harlem's first numbers racquets. St. Clair was known for having a aggressive mood and often cursed her underlings out in several dialects. When individuals inquired her about her culture, she clicked that she was created in "European Portugal," and that she talked perfect Portugal, as opposed to the French-speaking rabble from the Carribbean. In Harlem they known as her Madame St. Clair, but in the relax of the location, she was known as simply "Queenie."

In the mid 20's, known bootlegger and rock monster Nederlander Schultz made the decision he desired to take over all the plan racquets in Harlem. Schultz did not ask Queenie to returning away too perfectly, leading to the fatalities of a multitude of Queenie's numbers athletes. Queenie recruited the help of Rough Brown, an ex-con with a hair-trigger mood, to deal with the Schultz scenario. Brown went town center and frequented French language mob manager Fortunate Luciano. He requested Luciano to discuss some feeling into Schultz. But there was not much Luciano could do, since at enough time, he was one of Schultz' associates. Luciano recommended that Queenie and Brown toss in with Schultz, creating them, in impact, a sub-division of Schultz's numbers company. This did not sit too well with Queenie, and even though Brown tried to persuade her this was the intelligent shift, she converted down Luciano's provide.

Then out of nowhere, Queenie began having issue with the cops, whom she was spending off to look the other way. This was the perform of Schultz, who through his relationships with Tammany Area, had several political figures in his returning wallet, as well 50 percent the authorities in New You are able to Town. While Schultz' variety athletes proved helpful the roads of Harlem with impunity, Queenie's athletes, when they were not being murdered by Schultz' men, were being caught by the cops.

Queenie made the decision to battle with the energy of the media. In Dec 1930, Queenie took several ads in Harlem magazines, blaming the cops of graft, shakedowns and data file crime error. That did not go over too well with the regional felt, and they instantly caught Queenie for unlawful betting.Queenie was charged and sentenced to eight several weeks difficult perform on Well being Island. Upon her launch, she showed up before the Seabury Panel, which was analyzing graft in the Bronx and New york Magistrates Legal courts.

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